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The maintenance office of the job center

Existing maintenance claims can be transferred to the Rottweil district job center by operation of law if the person entitled to maintenance receives benefits under Book Two of the Social Code (SGB II). The job center therefore has its own maintenance office.

What happens during a maintenance check?

In a maintenance check, it is checked according to the legal provisions whether the person obliged to pay maintenance is able to do so. If this is the case, the entitlement to arrears, ie unpaid maintenance, passes to the job center in the district of Rottweil up to the amount of the benefits granted.

A distinction is made between the following maintenance claims:

  • Child maintenance (for minors and under certain conditions also for adult children) (§§ 1601 ff BGB)
  • Separation maintenance (§§ 1361 BGB)
  • Post-marital spousal maintenance (§§ 1569 ff BGB)
  • Child support against the father/mother in the case of illegitimate children (§ 1615l BGB)
  • Maintenance claim according to the civil partnership law (§ 12 LPartG)

alimony payments

From the time you apply for benefits under SGG II and while you are receiving benefits, you are obliged to notify the Rottweil district job center immediately of any maintenance payments you have received. However, an examination will be carried out as to whether the payments are made in the legally owed amount.

What should I do if I have already hired legal counsel to claim child support?

If you have already commissioned a lawyer to assert maintenance claims in your maintenance matter when applying for benefits under SGB II or at a later point in time during the receipt of benefits, the job center in the district of Rottweil must be informed immediately. Then the maintenance claims can be asserted in consultation. You are also obliged to submit all legal correspondence. The same also applies if you have set up a deputyship at your local youth welfare office for the maintenance claims of your children.

Do I have to present an existing maintenance title to the job center?

If you have a maintenance title (e.g. a court judgment or decision, a youth welfare office certificate on the obligation to pay maintenance), you are obliged to inform the Rottweil District Job Center of this immediately. A copy of the maintenance title must be submitted.

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